Meeting highlights.

Over the last 12months not a lot of activity around TeamSpeak.

I understand situations change, games change and many other reasons why.

Inactive members and admins,

Admins are needed to help out with the clan and if they are not around the clan doesn’t function properly. The clan admins are awesome I will be ever grateful to this special bunch of members especially Andarne for all efforts in making the clan what it is. We have to make decisions to move forward and door is not closed If they want to come back into the Frey.

Rolst Zwill and Chixxor are now joining the clan admins.

Chixxor is supporting the American Members in a dual role of Senior\normal Admin

Current line of admins

Ads913 Clan leader

senior Admin

Munro Temujin Badcrc\Chixxor


Zwill Rolst Chixxor Maartin


Friday OCB Power hours and giveaways

I want to try something new to boost the clan activity’s with as little effort as possible.

So, from 7th every Friday June 7pm-10pm (UK time) a weekly event will take place (an American version is being worked on) So the whole thing is about increasing activity on TeamSpeak and giving OCB Members incentive to coming on. The last Friday in the Month we will have a giveaway night it will be a raffle with the people who attend the power hours will gain more tickets to win. The event will be run on TeamSpeak. Each week we will have a themed game however if the themed game is not to your liking you can play any other game and still come on Ts and gain you power hour tickets.


OCB Power Hours  7th June 7pm-10pm playing Dirty Bomb with giveaways

OCB Power Hours  14th June 7pm-10pm playing Battlefield BC2

OCB Power Hours  21st June 7pm-10pm playing Quake Wars

OCB Power Hours  28th June 7pm-10pm Giveaway night Followed by Battlefield 4


OCB Power Hours 5th July 7pm-10pm playing Killing floor 2

OCB Power Hours 12th July 7pm-10pm playing Battlefield 3

OCB Power Hours 19th July 7pm-10pm playing Dirty Bomb

OCB Power Hours 26th July 7pm-10pm playing Giveaway night Planetside 2


Discord and TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is still our primary VoIP program. TeamSpeak 5 on the horizon signs are good that it will be as good and easy to use in its new format. However, with games like Apex legends I was finding members including myself jumping to Discord to play with new players. As this can be an outlet for new players, we are opening up Discord VoIP for that specific use. We have for about 6 weeks had a VoIP channel but it’s never been used. So remember Ts is for primary use.

Rolst and bunker clan

Rolst has brought several members from a previous ET clan called bunker so please welcome the new members who are old school players and were attracted to the clan as we use TeamSpeak.

Soccerkill,Coco,Woot,Wraith,Flip,Freddy more on the way so please welcome the new guys.



New Website and forum

Please can you sign up to the forums and use our new website over at https:\\