Our Rules

We’d like to welcome all our friends and newcomers to join us on our Teamspeak, our gaming servers and with our members in-game. However, we do require a few simple rules to be observed.


Since our inception, we have held “Don’t be a Dick” as our slogan (before Dirty Bomb!) and feel that this covers a wide enough variety of topics.

  • Don’t be a dick!
  • Respect your fellow OCB members and other gamers.
  • Do not abuse, bully or harass your fellows.
  • Do not cheat. Ever.


Our Teamspeak Server is the heart of our community, where we all can join together and game as a single, coherent community.

  • Please attempt to be as active as possible on Teamspeak.
  • Don’t ‘hot-swap’ channels in rapid succession.
  • Sexism, racism and humourless flaming of any kind is strictly forbidden.
  • Please avoid talking over others in an obstructive manner.
  • Inappropriate channel names will result in removal.
  • No recruiting to other outfits or organisations.


As Owld Crabbit Bastarts, you are permitted to wear our tags on your Steam, Origin and UPlay accounts, as well as on any in-game accounts that you may choose. However, when you display these tags we expect you to behave in a rational manner. How you behave reflects on us as a whole; for better, or worse.

  • Be respectful of your game-mates.
  • Avoid getting into altercations with other gamers.
  • Avoid unfounded allegations of cheating. Report it, don’t complain.
  • Don’t enter into flame-wars in-game chat or VOIP. Be the bigger Bastart.
  • Do not use third-party programs to cheat or exploit, in any way.

Finally, it’s worth noting there’s no ‘code of conduct’ on how we will enforce rules. Our administrators will make a judgement based on the situation so our advice is simple. If you’re inclined to see how far you can push someone, don’t be surprised if it results in you being removed.